Hey readers (if there are any yet), welcome to “keep in mind, the world hated Me first”! This blog will mainly center around how to remain Christian in college (or anytime really) when the world is telling us otherwise. Some posts will also delve into why society is diverging so far from God’s word, essentially America’s foundation.

This blog in essence was inspired by jarridwilson.com  in it’s advice on following Christ but differs by having more thoughts on society’s current direction and a focus on college life in particular. It will also probably appear rather similar to the format of this student blog SLO Religion though this blog will focus on Christianity only.

Well I hope you’ll stick around for a new blog post every Wednesday about life walking with Christ!

Credit to freefoto.com


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  1. Janelle · · Reply

    Love this, Ashley! I thoroughly have enjoyed reading your posts. 🙂 Hope you’re well!

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