‘I Do’ … but Should it Wait?

Love Never Fails

Purity ring atop 1 Corinthians 13. Photo by Ashley Pierce.

A recent article on Christianpost.com and Steven Crowder’s opinion piece, discusses if Christians should marry young. The majority of Americans wait to marry until their late 20’s.

Many Christians even protest at the idea of marrying young, however it is imperative to understand why it should be encouraged and embraced. While many young people spend their early 20’s in college, building up their careers, they are also dating and most likely having sex. Let’s be honest, the idea of someone waiting to have sex until they’re married is laughable in today’s culture.

Young Christians on the other hand follow the Bible’s advice to not only have sex with just one person but to wait until marriage to do so. A notion one would think romantics would flock to, but unfortunately only Christians seem to follow.

“The truth is, women’s bodies are geared up to have babies in their late teens and early twenties, that’s the biology of the situation,” Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse said in the Christian Post article.

Women and men have bodies made for reproducing at a much younger age than their late 20’s and to ask young Christians to hold off on their biological needs and desires until 27, 29 risks them falling to sin.

While men and women at one time used to get married during these prime reproductive years, today they must go to college and begin a career before it becomes socially acceptable to tie the knot. Besides that, since sex is no longer seen as something between a married man and his wife, many people feel no need to be tied down.

A young Christian couple who wishes to be together the correct way at an early age should never face persecution for doing so. The rest of the world may laugh, but fellow Christians, parents and family should congratulate them on making such a mature and pure decision.

The high divorce rate for young couples tends to be the argument against Christians (or anyone) getting married young, but young Christian relationships differ vastly from many others that are included in the statistic.

Christians know heading into marriage that it is a life long commitment, as Fox News contributor (and fellow Christian) Crowder pointed out in his article. Christian couples differ from the other statistics by having,

  • prayed about their perspective match and the marriage
  • the same values and beliefs
  • self control to wait for the wedding night, cheating therefore would be rare
  • trust established (less worry of a spouse cheating)
  • grown in God together
  • acknowledged the tribulations they will face in marriage.

They meet at the altar not doing so out of fleeting love or spontaneity but with a selfless and committed love. If two young Christians fall in love and wish to head their way to an altar it should be embraced and congratulated. They’re doing it right.


  1. Jon Johnson Jonhsonian · · Reply

    If you became a Fox News Anchor, i would watch everyday 🙂

    1. That was amazing to read. Thank you!

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