Why You Should Most Definitely Follow My Twitter Account.

Hello readers!

First off I want to say how much I appreciate you! I cannot believe that this blog is actually doing well. Foremost I hope that my articles are actually relevant to your lives and are helping you to navigate life as a Christian whether in college or not. I’m definitely not an expert as I have my own navigating to do (and plenty of it) but I hope to be helping you all.

In case you guys haven’t clicked the follow button on my Twitter Account (to the side of all my blog posts), I’d really love to encourage it for the following reasons:

  • Inspirational anecdotes (in 140 characters or less) about how God is working in my own life.
  • Bible verses
  • Political insight
  • Links to my conservative column at Cal Poly’s Mustang Daily
  • Updates on new blog posts here

While the political information may not seem relevant especially when this blog is based entirely on Christian living, I highly encourage you all to start paying attention to politics whether locally or nationally. As Christians we should be more aware of what is happening in our own country. I hope you guys will consider following me and giving me feedback on my opinions posted there!

If you guys ever have any suggestions or questions you want answered pertaining to Christian living let me know and I’ll try to write a blog post about it! Thank you so much for your support it has been loved and appreciated.

Blog title and bullet points were altered on Mon. April 22 from following the blog, to following my Twitter account. Apologies for any misunderstandings.


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