What Type of Boy Should a Christian Girl Look for? Some Light Hearted Advice.

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All photos by Ashley Pierce and featuring Nicholas English. Large shout out to him for taking the time out of his days to help me with this project when he had his own work to do (gotta love college).

This project is meant to be humorous as well as giving sincere advice. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or probably more helpful, a pastor for advice. An actual blog post about Christian dating will come in the following weeks as well!




  1. Barry McCalconcer · · Reply

    I have a small problem with your advice on dates, in particular the text presented in the picture. The text states: “Church tomorrow, maybe?” No Christian gentleman, in absolutely no circumstance, would only possibly entertain the idea of attending their place of worship. If that text message was real, it would concern me about the stability of Christian relationship. God is aware of the messages we transmit to each other, for he is all knowing (and SMS compatible.) It is also important to note that your “Christian Gentleman” would not send such a request for a date over the fallible technological service of man. Your man should approach such a situation the way God intended – by having the woman come to him at his every will. Let us not forget the words of the bible “A woman should learn in quietness and full submission.”-1 Timothy 2:11.
    Though, in your defense, I find that your ability to kick a man to the curb for no other reason than his imperfections to be quite selfless, forgiving, and not to mention Christian-like. I do appreciate the fact that you want a man that ignites your passion for God. One that makes you “more on fire for God, not the opposite.” I hate being cold for God, but what I hate more is cold food. I know that you advise that you and your God-willed half pray before you eat, but nothing is worse than cold pizza! It’s never the same after you have to microwave it.
    P.S. There is one more question I need answered: My girlfriend’s family is fairly dirty, and you advised that a man should never look at dirty things. Her mother recently gave birth to a son, and as noted in Leviticus Chapter 12: 1-8, she is “ceremonially unclean for seven days, just as she is unclean during her monthly period” Would it be in my best interest to avoid her house at this time?

    1. Barry,

      I appreciate the comment and the wit. Very clever. I’m sorry that you obviously do not agree with the Bible. That’s your opinion, that’s fine. I will address the accusations though.
      1) Your quote of 1 Timothy 2:11, in context is about women learning the word of God at church and submitting to God’s will just as all of God’s people should. It is true too that Christians believe that the man should be the spiritual leader of a family and relationship and he does so in love. Many people misinterpret the Bible as saying that women must “submit to the husband”, this is true, but they fail to mention the part where the Bible commands for the husband to love the wife “as Christ loved the church and gave up his life for her” (Ephesians 5:25). If a man is loving his wife the way Jesus loves us, she’s not submitting, as if a slave to her husband. Rather he serves her, and she serves him equally. Because that’s how Jesus shows love to us.

      2) You accuse “kicking a guy to the curb” which was a light joke (per the title) as being unchristian, I understand that train of thought. However, if your relationship isn’t working, if the guy (or the girl for that matter) is a jerk? Then it’s okay to end the relationship. If someone looks for a guy or girl who’s really right with the Lord, than they won’t have that problem. Now of course I don’t mean for them to break up with the person cruelly. It also isn’t about their imperfections. I’m imperfect. My boyfriend is imperfect. Everybody is imperfect. I’m not asking Christians to break up with others due to imperfections, but there is such a thing as a person who is just not right or ready for a relationship. If a guy or girl repeatedly let’s you down and you’re not happy, it’s time to break up. It’s not about breaking up with them over imperfections or else everyone would be single.

      3) When using the term dirty I referred to men who reads/watches pornography. I didn’t want to use that word. But there it is. You knew what I meant though, I’m sure.

      I hope that that answered your questions, if you have anymore feel free to ask. Hope you have a good day, and God bless.

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