Blog Checkup

I’ve been writing blog articles for about 5 weeks now and it has been completely amazing. I love writing about this subject and being given the opportunity to gather wisdom from pastors and other experts as well as the opinions of fellow Christians.

After speaking with some peers I’ve found that most find the topics that are genuine questions Christian college kids have to be the best posts. Therefore I will be trying to keep more on track with that such as the first article “Should Christians Drink and Party?” In fact I think my next article will be on clothing choices, especially with all of the new stomach baring shirt styles being back. Yes they’re cute, but are they appropriate?

I currently have about 464 views on my blog and the post that garnered the most attention was most definitely the photo slideshow of what type of guy a girl should look for. I will definitely now try to use more visual guides in my posts such as pictures and maybe I’ll get crazy and even include a video.

Thank you so much for support to any one reading this and I hope that you find this blog inspiring and helpful.

Please remember also readers that these articles deal with a lot of  what “should/shouldn’t” Christians do. Christianity is not about rules, and these are just opinions and advice to keep us on track with God’s word, not judgement or a set of laws one must follow to be a good Christian. I am not qualified to write such a thing, no one is except Jesus Christ and that’s why we have the Bible. Everything else is just advice.



  1. I like that you’re going back to gearing your posts towards actual questions that students would be asking in college! I found that “Should Christians Drink and Party?” article really thoughtful and I’m interested to hear the take on cropped shirts as well.

  2. You seem to be doing pretty well so far. Focusing on a particular audience will probably help you get even more views. Including a small slideshow, pictures or videos in your upcoming posts may be a good idea. They will help keep the reader immersed in your stories.

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