Are 83 Percent of Americans Really Christian?

When writing this blog I was encouraged to explain that when I talk about Christians I don’t mean the 83 percent of Americans who would say they’re Christians.

83 percent of Americans are not following the same Christian faith that I’m speaking about. In fact one poll claims that only 74 percent of Americans actually believe that Jesus died and was resurrected. A key belief in Christianity that makes any percentage of Christians who don’t believe in the resurrection completely null.

Out of those 83% of Americans a much smaller number is what I refer to. Steven Crowder, a political comedian and Fox News contributor recently said that if you asked that 83 percent if they believed that Jesus was the son of God and the only way to heaven, then that percent would drastically drop.

In fact, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life conducted a study and found that 57 percent of so called evangelical American Christians believe that many religions can lead to heaven, a direct contradiction of the very Bible itself.

It is made clear throughout the Bible that the only way to heaven is to believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God. The son of God who died for our sins and rose again on the third day.

It is horrifying to me that so many Christians could think differently as that is the core belief of our entire faith. Yes, religious tolerance is wonderful and great, but there’s a difference between tolerating other religions as Christianity is tolerated and seeing other religions as the truth as well. If that were the case then why be Christian at all?

There’s a reason why your Christian friends always try to get you to come to church or to read the Bible, because they love you and want you to believe in Jesus  because quite frankly they want you to go to heaven. If Christianity has just become one of the many paths that lead to heaven then don’t even bother spreading the good news. The point is void, because your friend is surely a good person and that will be enough when the time comes.

I wrote an article for my school newspaper about Christianity under attack in America, and cited the country as turning against 83 percent of its population but I was wrong. It’s more like 43 percent and that makes way more sense. Because looking at the way American society is today, it would actually be more horrifying to know that 83 percent of the population was Christian, with the filth we see on TV today and the heavy pro-choice movement as well as high divorce rates and let’s not pretend that most of the young population isn’t sleeping around.

I’m not trying to make judgements. All Christians sin, we all make mistakes and we all fall. But if 83 percent of Americans were truly Christians then there wouldn’t be lawsuits over Christian florists declining to decorate a same-sex wedding and pretty much every television show on MTV would be non-existent.

We live in the opposite of a majority Christian nation.

And so this blog is advice for the 43 percent  who do believe that Jesus Christ is the “way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through [him].” – John 14:6 and anyone else who wants to become a part of that percentage. Not the cultural Christian percentage, but the “I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ” percentage.



  1. Looking at the John 14:6 quote, it comes to my mind of 1 Corinthians 4:16, Paul says, “Wherefore I beseech you, be ye followers of me”

    Should we follow Jesus or Paul?

    1. Well I think above all Jesus. When people follow Paul’s advice they’re not following Paul but Jesus as Paul spread the word of God and lived his life for Jesus. We shouldn’t worship or put Paul on a pedestal. That spot is reserved only for Jesus Christ.

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    This is an interesting report by ABC news. How many of us really are Christian?

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  6. This where I straddle the fence a little; or maybe not at all, I don’t know. I believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven {I also feel heaven is just a location the real heaven is Jesus} but I also believe that while we are called to spread the word we have no real say in whether that person believes or not. I believe that faith is by grace alone. Our church is Calvinistic however my husband and I are still on the fence about that too. For me, I feel like some of the confusion is legalistic. What are your thoughts on this. {this message is being typed out on my iPhone so if not completely understandable please for give me}

    1. Hi! First thanks for reading this!

      I agree with you that we really don’t have a say in someone believing or not. I can preach to atheist friends all day long and they may never ever come around to my way of thinking. It’s just how it is, but we’re still called to spread God’s word because there are those who haven’t heard it and are hungering for it. There’s also always hope for our friends and family who don’t believe.

      I believe salvation is by faith alone. One is saved purely through Jesus Christ and good works will not get you there. As far as Calvinism, I personally and truly believe that God has called everyone to be His and come to know Him and not just an “elite” (if that’s what you’re referring to), But as He is God, of course He knows in the end who will and who won’t be saved, and for me that’s where the predestination stuff comes in, because He knows all.

      God has the power to make anyone believe in Him, but because He gives us free will, it’s up to our friends and family to choose to believe that Jesus Christ died for us and whether they want to accept the gift of salvation God gave to everyone.

      Does that help? This is just my opinion though – just a 19 year old in college, so you may want to talk to a pastor or even just someone older if that didn’t! I’m so flattered you asked!

  7. love this! Well written and insightful.

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