Top 7 Reasons Why College Christians Should Have a Bible App

I know. I hate electronic reading. I hate kindles. I like the smell of books and when it comes to the Bible I like being able to highlight and take notes next to verses that speak to me. Unfortunately in college there are times when you can’t reach your Bible and that’s why the Bible App should be considered.

One example of a Bible App for an iPhone. Screenshot by Ashley Pierce.

One example of a Bible App for an iPhone. Screenshot by Ashley Pierce.

  1. Those nights when your roommates go to bed early and you still haven’t read your Bible. If the app is on your phone you can just hide under the covers and scroll on through without turning on the lights or using a flashlight that is probably too bright.
  2. When wanting to share a verse you can just highlight it, click it and send it straight to Facebook or Twitter.
  3. If out and about and a verse comes to mind, you can search for key words in the app and find the passage you’re looking for.
  4. Sometimes when you already have to carry around so many textbooks it’s nice to have one less. Having the Bible on your phone allows you to read it whenever and wherever.
  5. You can have the app in a different version than your current Bible. Having a NIV Study Bible and the American Standard Version on the app can help you get a better sense of what the scripture means.
  6. If you Instagram you can screenshot a picture of the verse to share with your followers.
  7. Instead of pretending to text next time you’re awkwardly by yourself, you can just read your Bible. And if you really dare you can share it with someone else.

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