Best Places for Quiet Times on Your Campus

Sometimes the dorm room is too loud or too stuffy. In these times there are plenty of other places on campus for a Christian to read his or her Bible and spend time with the Lord.


Go get a bite to eat and read away while doing so. Have a “dinner date” with Jesus.


Need to study? Take your Bible and textbooks and head to the library. Instead of browsing Facebook during study breaks take a moment of prayer and read through a quick verse that encourages you. It’ll make studying a lot more peaceful.


Take the bus to and from campus? From experience, they can be long and painful. Flip your Bible out and spend some time with the Lord. Reading His Word before class is bound to help improve your mood.


Do the college thing and relax with nature for a while. Bring your Bible and an open heart. Journal and pray. Much better than a dorm room.


Got to class early? Bring out the Bible and read for a while. If other people come early to class too, it could lead to a great way to bring new people to know the Lord.


Last but certainly not least, you can do the hipster Christian thing (we all know it exists guys, let’s not hide it) and read at the on campus coffee place. It’s undeniably a great atmosphere and will go great with your Toms.


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