Careers that Glorify God – A Sneak Peak

Hey lovely readers,

Have I not told you what a beautiful and refreshing crowd you are to write for? Well you are.

I’m currently working on a video project for you guys that I’ll have up next week on Wednesday. The video will center around how college Christians can use their future careers to glorify God. It will feature an interview with Pastor Bryan Stupar from Calvary San Luis Obispo Church as well as  college students Justin Hui and Garrett English and possibly others about how they will use their careers to glorify God.

I find so often that as Christians many of us are not called to work at a church, so how can we still work for the Lord in our career choices? Hopefully this video will shed some light on the subject. I myself want to work as political news commentator, quite the trek away from working at a church or non-profit, but even the strangest of fields God calls us to.

I hope you tune in next week to check out the video. Hoping it will be quite the success.

On another note readers, if you’re having a difficult day, know how much God loves you and that His plans for your life are so much better than you could ever imagine if you just trust in Him.

Have a great week!


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