What’s to Become of this Blog in the Next Few Months

Well readers,

After Wednesday this blog’s overall content will be changing a little bit. I plan to keep it running through the summer, but its content will be less journalistic reporting and more opinion and advice based on the Christian faith.

I hope you’ll continue to read it, it has been an amazing journey writing about how to stay focused on God throughout the change of college life and I have loved every second of it. I looked forward to writing each entry.

The feedback I received was always helpful and in these past couple of months the blog received almost 1,000 views, which I think is pretty decent, though I hope as I continue this blog to attract a larger audience over time.

My favorite articles to write were the ones on dating and the fun visual ones like  “Best Places for Quiet Time on Your Campus.”

I myself have had my own troubles adjusting to college life and staying close with God. My Bible has gone left unread for days at a time and prayer became squished in throughout the day. I’m in no way perfect and the only thing that qualifies me to give advice to other Christians is to help others learn from my mistakes.

Thanks for the commitment for those of you who have subscribed and continue to read my posts.

Tune in Wednesday for a video examining how Christians can figure out the career God is guiding them towards and how these careers can be used to glorify Him.

Have a wonderful week!


One comment

  1. Hey Ashley, I’m sitting next to you right now. Technology is weird… Anyways your blog has really come together over the last ten weeks. Keeping this blog alive will take work, but, from what I can tell, you really have a passion for your topic so I wish you the best of luck! 1,000 views isn’t too bad of a turnout for a class assignment, if you really want to boost those stats trying promoting yourself over social media sites as well as other places (christianmingle.com?)

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