Christians, Careers, God-Given Gifts and God’s Purpose for Our Lives

God has a plan for each and everyone of us. One of the most difficult things for me this first year of college has been figuring out where God wants me in life. Though times have been rough and the path that I’ve chosen, that I truly believe He wants me on, is not easy and has been full of tears and doubts, I know that His end goal will be far worth it.

In this video I took a look at two Cal Poly: San Luis Obispo students working towards their career goals, one wanting to work in international relations and the other to create business’ that will double as employment opportunities and a place for missionaries to spread God’s love. I also spoke with a recent Cal Poly graduate, still trying to find out what he wants to do with his life and Pastor Bryan Stupar, who shares how we can recognize God’s call for us and how he found his call into being a pastor.

The fact that this video exists at all is all the work of God. Five hours spent at work in a computer lab, in which I went over my allotted time on a borrowed Mac and at any second could have had my computer shut down erasing all my work, but God was kind and beautiful and by “luck” no one else had to use a Mac during that time period.

So please, enjoy!

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