What if We Try to Fully Love Like Jesus?

Over and over again through out the Bible the Israelite people fail God.
He saves them from slavery, they complain.

He gives them freedom, they complain and demand for a king.

And this happens over and over again, and we all wonder “how could they be so unthankful?”

I do it everyday. I thank God for all the wonderful things in my life and yet I still find myself complaining on Twitter about something completely petty. I make judgments, I get angry and jealous, selfish (that’s a huge one), and so self-absorbed sometimes. And still God loves me.

That just completely blows my mind. How often I find fault in people, when I am so full of them myself. Imagine what I could do if I just loved people like Jesus loves us. So that’s what I’m going to be working on over this summer and hopefully forever. I’ll fail, a lot, but trying can make all the difference.

I encourage you readers to try the same. Next time someone angers you, respond in kindness not retaliation (another fault of mine), show love for no reason what so ever, even to those who have wronged you.

By the end of summer, I think you’ll see a huge difference in your life. And who knows, God may work to bring people to Christ through that. So … let’s give it a shot.


  1. I love this! I’m right there with you. This summer I am going to work on this too, please keep us updated on your journey! Good luck! πŸ™‚

  2. mernaf · · Reply

    Love reading these posts by you πŸ™‚ I’m starting up my own blog and have found courage from the confidence you post with!
    If you’d like to read some of mine (not nearly as thorough as yours are ofc!) it would mean a lot to me πŸ™‚
    God bless and keep posting!

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