God, Soul Mates and Objectification.


Sea otters hold hands so that they don't drift away from each other - true love or not it's adorable. Picture from Wikipedia Commons.

Sea otters hold hands so that they don’t drift away from each other – true love or not it’s adorable. Picture from Wikipedia Commons.

Today’s youth look at relationships as hook ups, ways to satisfy themselves. Women are objectified in television simply as “hot” (I hate that descriptor) bodies in bikinis and less talked of is how men are objectified by the young women of today.

We all did it; we were all 12 once gawking at the older junior high or high school boys. My high school guy friends have proof of my own immaturity after overhearing me once say, “Annie you should come to my church, there’s tons of cute guys.”

I can argue all I want that I just really wanted my friend to come to church, but I still made it about boys over God.

Women today objectify men just as much as men gawk at women. Today it’s celebrated for women to make objectifying comments towards men; it’s all in fun. Why do we consider men to be pigs when they enter a strip club, but “Magic Mike” comes out and it’s just fun entertainment for women to flock to the theater? Neither should be okay. Men should be just as outraged as we women love to be.

This generation looks at the opposite sex and relationships in such a shallow light.  I encourage young Christians to instead look for true love instead of looking at the opposite sex as an object of pleasure.

All of my life I have been transfixed with a fairy tale idea of love. The idea of a soul mate; one person we are all meant to be with forever. I always worried that this worldview conflicted with Biblical view but later found it to be justified.

God has a purpose and plan for all of our lives, as said in Jeremiah 29:11 and a soul mate most certainly can be a part of that plan. Now it is just my opinion that the Lord has one specific person that I believe He intends for us to be with but I have been delighted to hear pastors preach the same.

There of course is always the exception for those who lose their spouse and remarry, but even in those cases God has a plan and reason that we will probably never be able to fully understand and can only trust in Him.

I implore all young Christians to truly pray about who you date. God has a soul mate for you. God who designed you,who gave you special gifts and talents to spread His love, could He not surely have the man or woman designed who would complete and raise you up even higher to use your gifts to glorify Him?

He has a plan for you. He has a true love for you (unless of course you’ve been given the gift of celibacy in which case rock on). Don’t settle for the culture of objectification. God has so much more in mind.




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