Complaining: A Slap in the Face to God

Instead of complaining we should ask for God's help in showing love in the situation or handling it with grace.

Instead of complaining we should ask for God’s help in showing love in the situation or handling it with grace.

I am a huge complainer. Why? Because I hate change. I need things to stay the same – but life rarely does, people change as well as circumstances and instead of accepting it I become bitter and angry.

Now I never really mention it in my prayers, “Yo God – I hate this, why are You allowing this?” blah blah blah – no. By the time I get to my bedtime prayer I just say “Thanks God, help me be more patient- etc. etc.”

You know who does here my complaining though? Others. And that can be even worse than letting God here it.

As Christian’s we’re put on this planet to spread the good news of Jesus, we’re supposed to be the ultimate example of God’s love. Some people will only get an idea of that through how Christian’s behave.

Every time I open my mouth with a complaint I’m not only slapping God in the face (that’s how I feel afterwards anyways) but also turning away people who instead of seeing my love for others and the life God gave me, are only seeing my discontent and anger.

Now most of the time my complaints are only heard by my mother (bless her soul for putting up with that), but it’s still wrong.

“Now the people complained about their hardships in the hearing of the LORD, and when he heard them his anger was aroused.'” – Numbers 11:1-4

It hurts God when we complain about the beautiful lives He’s given us all. We may not understand the hardships our lives throw at us but God has a reason for them. Who are we to complain when He has given us so much?

People will hurt us in life, things won’t go our way. It’s okay to be upset, but instead of complaining, understand that God has everything under control. He has a plan for us all. There’s nothing to complain about if we give it up to Him.

Another thing I’ve realized is that complaining about something doesn’t solve the problem. You can’t change people or a situation, but instead you can control you. Take yourself out of situations that cause you to complain or change your attitude about them. If it’s a person who has hurt you, then show them love and forgiveness.

It’s hard and as humans we are weak, but God can. He can help us to love when we are hurt and angry, help us to hold our tongues, help us to change a situation we aren’t happy with.

He loves you, He is in control, He gave you life. Even the most unfortunate parts of it we should be grateful for because God is helping us grow from those experiences.


  1. Thank you, I really liked this

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