Well readers, After Wednesday this blog’s overall content will be changing a little bit. I plan to keep it running through the summer, but its content will be less journalistic reporting and more opinion and advice based on the Christian faith. I hope you’ll continue to read it, it has been an amazing journey writing […]

Hey readers! I realized today that as summer approaches (ah to be a young freshman in college – not really) one of the things I’m most excited to return home to is my home church of Crossroads Christian Church. Here’s a link if any of you ever want to watch their sermons online. It’s available […]

Hey lovely readers, Have I not told you what a beautiful and refreshing crowd you are to write for? Well you are. I’m currently working on a video project for you guys that I’ll have up next week on Wednesday. The video will center around how college Christians can use their future careers to glorify […]

Hey readers! So I tried out Vine this week. I had a really awesome video idea that was going to retell the entire Bible in a Vine video. Unfortunately there’s that whole time limit thing. It didn’t work out. I also awkwardly sat in a grad student study room in order to make this for […]

Sometimes the dorm room is too loud or too stuffy. In these times there are plenty of other places on campus for a Christian to read his or her Bible and spend time with the Lord. Go get a bite to eat and read away while doing so. Have a “dinner date” with Jesus. Need […]

A look at Nick Wong, a Cal Poly: San Luis Obispo alumni, who educates young Christians twice a quarter at Cal Poly’s Chinese Christian Fellowship, about political issues, current events and controversial debates, such as abortion, same-sex marriage and evolution vs. creation. So many young Christians are apathetic towards such issues, so how does one reach […]

I know. I hate electronic reading. I hate kindles. I like the smell of books and when it comes to the Bible I like being able to highlight and take notes next to verses that speak to me. Unfortunately in college there are times when you can’t reach your Bible and that’s why the Bible […]