I’ve been catching quite a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother┬álately, it’s summer, it’s too hot to do anything during the day and that’s on pretty much every channel. I caught the tail end (or maybe the middle) of an episode in which Robin is preaching to someone I assume is her younger […]

Staying close with God is something that I have struggled with throughout my life. There are really only two times in my life when I can honestly say that I felt as close with God as I should. Once when I was in 8th grade about to move into the 9th grade and my senior […]

I have been home for four or five weeks now from college and I have only dragged myself to church twice in that time. Oh, I have all my excuses, like that my parents go to church on Saturday nights when I’m busy and that I still watch the service online, so it’s almost like […]

I am a huge complainer. Why? Because I hate change. I need things to stay the same – but life rarely does, people change as well as circumstances and instead of accepting it I become bitter and angry. Now I never really mention it in my prayers, “Yo God – I hate this, why are […]

  Today’s youth look at relationships as hook ups, ways to satisfy themselves. Women are objectified in television simply as “hot” (I hate that descriptor) bodies in bikinis and less talked of is how men are objectified by the young women of today. We all did it; we were all 12 once gawking at the […]

Over and over again through out the Bible the Israelite people fail God. He saves them from slavery, they complain. He gives them freedom, they complain and demand for a king. And this happens over and over again, and we all wonder “how could they be so unthankful?” I do it everyday. I thank God […]

God has a plan for each and everyone of us. One of the most difficult things for me this first year of college has been figuring out where God wants me in life. Though times have been rough and the path that I’ve chosen, that I truly believe He wants me on, is not easy […]

Well readers, After Wednesday this blog’s overall content will be changing a little bit. I plan to keep it running through the summer, but its content will be less journalistic reporting and more opinion and advice based on the Christian faith. I hope you’ll continue to read it, it has been an amazing journey writing […]

Hey readers! I realized today that as summer approaches (ah to be a young freshman in college – not really) one of the things I’m most excited to return home to is my home church of Crossroads Christian Church. Here’s a link if any of you ever want to watch their sermons online. It’s available […]

Hey lovely readers, Have I not told you what a beautiful and refreshing crowd you are to write for? Well you are. I’m currently working on a video project for you guys that I’ll have up next week on Wednesday. The video will center around how college Christians can use their future careers to glorify […]